Dead Creek Wildlife Management Area in Addison best spot in Vermont to spot shorebirds

Wildlife photographer Ian Clark captured these stunning images of shorebirds as they migrate through Vermont. Ians photos are available at

ADDISON — The final weeks of August and beginning of September mark a unique birding opportunity in Vermont. Shorebirds such as plovers and sandpipers are migrating through the state on their southern journey from northern Canada to the Caribbean and beyond.

One of the best places to spot shorebirds this time of year is at Dead Creek Wildlife Management Area in Addison.

The Vermont Fish & Wildlife Department lowers water levels on Dead Creek in late summer to provide habitat for migrating shorebirds and other species.

Bird-watchers have also reported spotting shorebirds around Sandbar Wildlife Management Area in Milton this year.

“The lack of rainfall has led to low water levels this year providing ample habitat for shorebirds, particularly along Lake Champlain,” said John Buck, migratory bird biologist for the Vermont Fish & Wildlife Department. “I’d encourage people to grab your binoculars and camera and take advantage of this brief and exciting birding opportunity.”

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